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Why Tumblr should Fall In Love with Frida Kahlo. 


i love everything about this because i love frida kahlo, but how are you going to not list the fact she was in a horrible bus accident that basically crippled her for most of her life and while lying bedridden she began to paint. frida kahlo didn’t give up and that makes her truly amazing.

Every single Frida Kahlo appreciation post Ive seen egregiously neglects the fact that she endured and survived a car accident that resulted in a metal pole being shoved through her body and essentially destroying her uterus. This incident informed many of her paintings and depictions of herself and yet she did not allow it to end herself. Her paintings became monuments to and representations of her suffering that she freely, openly and powerfully expressed. She painted her reality defying not only conventional beauty norms and continuing to slay anyways, but also artistic norms. While others considered her works surreal, she adamantly stood her ground saying that they were not surreal at all; that they were 100% accurate and realistic depictions of her suffering. And I think for someone to turn life crippling tragedy into the worlds most recognized self portraits is pretty badass and worth appreciating.

Yeah, her disability was CRUCIAL to her life as an artist— it was while she was recovering from her accident that she began to paint, and she explored self-portrait so thoroughly because it was all she had— she had a mirror over her bed and paints, and she used art as a way to cope with the MASSIVE amount of pain she was in and the fact that just as she was (I’ve seen sources that say 16 and others that say 19 but that age range), her whole world was reduced to suffering in a bed, for a very long time.

For that matter, she was not perfectly able-bodied before her accident because of childhood illness, but after the accident… She had her youth stolen, and she rebelled against being seen as an invalid, as being reduced to her suffering (the way that disabled people are STILL viewed), and she presented herself in her own terms in part to throw in the faces of those who presumed to narrow her down to the image of what they thought a ‘sick woman’ was/should be.

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white people who literally just don’t get it: a memoir



white people who literally just don’t get it: a memoir


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Kim arriving to lunch at Le Meurice in Paris 9/28/14



Kim arriving to lunch at Le Meurice in Paris 9/28/14


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I’m so sorry if I’m alienating some of you
Your whole fucking culture alienates me
I can not scream from pain down here on my knees
I’m so sorry that I think!

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Japan’s “Anti-Loneliness” Cafe

To save its lone customers from the awkward perils of solo dining, the cafe kindly seats diners with stuffed animal companions called Moomins, a family of white hippo-like characters created by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

Moomins are brought to each table so that patrons — solo or in groups — can have a turn sitting with them…

Cafe staff say there have been long lines almost every day since its “lonely-friendly” concept went viral.


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Just spent my evening vandalizing subway stations for the sake of reminding NY folk that it is fully legal for women & female-bodied individuals to be topless and comfortable in public


spread this info

yeah so good!!!!!!!!!

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Dolly in Playboy c.1978 


damn Dolly

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listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


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"Founds these on the platform of the C train in TriBeCa in 2011. They are photos of Tim Curry and the cast of Rocky Horror during the making of the film. Some have writing on the back and Frankenfurter kissed the back of one.


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Very good swifty

Very good swifty

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Black-ish 01x01 - Pilot

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