I just had a terrible shitty upsetting dream and like ignorant black folks had lined the streets throwing things and one guy came up to me he was large and tried to rape me with a wooden stick all because I was dating a not black guy. I cried cause my boo didn’t make it. Peace and understanding that’s what this world needs more of.

I also miss my baby :( I can’t see him until Tuesday this sucks. Also it’s probably my period that’s got me trippin…

my roommates also woke me up at 6:30am blasting gangsta rap and i need to move and my life is falling apart right now. things were going so well.

i never went to the court house for my ticket now i have to pay it but i have $12 to my name what do i do? just be late? I dunno…fuck.

i took out my septum k

i’ve figured it out.

we all love beyonce cause she’s so friggin old school. she keeps to herself, there’s the air of mystery (well there was) her and jay z are like sonny and cher and beyonce is like michael jackson (yes i went there and duh) she’s an insanely great performer and artist and she shuts the fuck up. 

she’s so old school

its awesome.

I miss him ugh. This is disgusting. I haven’t liked a guy this much in so long. I just want to put my face in his neck and pass out.

So I’m dating this guy kinda and he makes me happy and he thinks I’m hilarious and he cooks me food and saves me from getting schwasted and from being bored out of my mind and I heart the stupid bastard.

But like I feel like a barely know him and I do know him but I can’t shake the feeling that I don’t know him…

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i’m fat now so i’m gonna cry and eat leftover pizza

I want to live a cute brooklyn existence except instead of being in park slope or crown heights or flatbush i’m in bushwick in a room with no windows, a cat who shits everywhere and a broken bathroom.

like i know its a good thing when friends tell you things even if you don’t want to hear it but it sucks when its something that you didn’t ask to know. it also sucks when that friend is a boss and the thing she tells you is about your perceived job performance. and it especially sucks when its terrible feedback. and you know what sucks more? its not true. but what’s good is that this person defended you.

i just try to be invisible and it backfires.

i seriously want to quit because this places politics and polices are fucked. and also other things.

Selfie Wednesday

Selfie Wednesday

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so psyched!

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so jordan and i went to see A Hard Day’s Night at the Film Forum and I felt like a 15 year old girl again. 


we used to watch Help! and A Hard Day’s Night so much along with all my Queen dvds and her Led Zeppelin madness and Rock and Roll Circus and The Last Waltz I mean no wonder we never had boyfriends.

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