its so hot in my goddamn apartment cause my roommate doesn’t understand windows. like stuffy as hell in here i can’t breathe you realize its 70 degrees outside.

ughhh 8 more days. i should start packing.

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Guess I’m moving to Bushwick with all the other poor hipsters :D

I’ll also be on the same street as two of my favorite people!

"Everything is coming up Millhouse!"

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get a $3 raise and only make $100 more per paycheck. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT TAKING ALL MY HARD EARNED MONEY.

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My cousins favorite singer is David Bowie. This makes me SO HAPPY.

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I had a dream a couple old ladies were picking on me while shopping and i flipped them the bird and they told on me and then the manager was like we don’t care they do that shit all the time.

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i’m getting a vitamix because i will never have the opportunity to get one this cheap again…until next year.

anyone in Richmond, Virginia? How is it down their? How’s the weather? Could I be alright, this strange alternative black chick?

OH IS THAT WHY I WANT TO BURN EVERYTHING DOWN? the full fucking moon? not cool April. After all I’ve put up with the last few months THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? Better pay up in May or there will be hell. ITs April 10th and its already the worst.

APRIL YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF. The weather is your only redeeming quality so far. GO DIE.


gather the evidence THE ENTIRE SHOW LED UP TO THIS.


Like seriously how the fuck was it supposed to end then please tell me.

it was actually more satisfying then i thought it would be. i was sure it was just going to end on him saying that’s how i met your mother and then it was over. at least we got their whole life and shit.


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I had a dream there was a dude who was in love with me and he was like Artie the strongest man in the world and we rode a cab together and he totally  owned me about life. but then i didn’t see him for a while and he would come around and try and profess his love to me and I would recluse (like I do IRL) and then he jumped off my house and killed himself and it was really sad. WTF. What a way to start a day :(

I have no idea what that dream means. Is it telling me to open my heart up to love again? cause i don’t want to do that. 

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Like I’m all I wanna move here I mean you dont have to move because i know she’s a total wannabe Manhattanite and I’m like SOOOO Brooklyn (for real) and I’m like I wanna be near work near my cousins and she’s like oh thats fine but like not REALLY thats fine and i’m like well it might be easier for you to find a room and then i start feeling like a dick cause it really is hard to find roommates you even sort of get a long with but then she does shit like NOT BUY TOILET PAPER FOR A WEEK until I ask her if she’s going to (which she doesn’t answer) so i assume NO then I buy some but she’s already bought it and i’m like oh NOW you buy toilet paper.   Like I dont want to find another roommate cause i’m lazy but she already drives me nuts. 


i do not know how to tell my roommate i don’t want to live with her. i mean she’s sweet but i dont want to have to continuously tell her to do normal human things. i keep hoping she will just not move in with me of her own accord.

I just don’t get people who try and deny Amy Winehouse’s talent. SERIOUSLY?! That voice? Those lyrics? One of the few modern pop artist that was actually writing her own shit and the emotion behind it is SO REAL. You listen to Back to Black and you feel her pain. Don’t try and say she was just another drunk famous kid. Just stop.

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I miss flight of the conchords.

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